Founded in 2008, Bright Solar Energy Co., Ltd

specialize in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of solar cells and module, providing reliable, efficient solar energy system solutions.

  • Company address

    Tongxiang city
  • Registered capital

    14million US dollars
  • Occupies

  • Employees


The company is equipped with modern clean production plants, and introduces the international mainstream high-tech key manufacturing equipment from Germany and the United States, and etc. It owns a full-automatic production line with 550MW MONO, POLY AND PERC annual output of solar cells. It is the new energy industry leading enterprises in Tongxiang city and have made outstanding contributions to transformation and upgrading for the city .

The products aim to quality excellence, price economy, regarding refine, innovation and continuous improvement as  quality policy.

Bright Solar Energy has obtained a number of global certification, ISO9001:2008,  ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007,  the European CE certification , global TUV certification and China CQC certification, for approved ad the leading structural design and performance.

 As well as “National level 2 security standardization assessment”.

The company identified as the high-tech enterprises, the provincial R&D center, provincial patent demonstration enterprise, also be  included in the business directories of the first batch of pv manufacturing industry standard announcement.

The products are covered with the national key new product plan, provincial new product trial production plan, with hundreds of state authorized patents. At the meantime, the enterprise conducts technical and strategic cooperation with solar energy research institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University,  Jiaxing electronic instruments and equipment center of the Chinese engineering academy and other technical institutions, holding remarkable achievements in technology innovation.

Bright Solar Energy  focuses on the advanced green energy, in line with the trend, strengthen innovation and quality management. With a rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising spirit, it fully committed to the development and manufacturing of photovoltaic products, and strive to contribute products and services to the world's green energy .

Company Milestones

  • 2010 - 2019
  • 2000 - 2009
  • 2013

    On June 17th, the R&D project “all-aluminum back emitter extremely efficient n-type mono crystalline cells” is completed and launched production. the company's products occupied more than 80% of the market share in the following year, holding a monopoly position in the market.

    On December 30th, the 2.5 mw golden sun demonstration project was connected to the grid, marking the first mw photovoltaic power station in tongxiang city.

  • 2012

    On May 10th, "selective emission of highly efficient solar cells" was included in the "National Key New Product" plan.

    On November 14th, the company passed the provincial patent demonstration enterprise identification.

  • 2011

    On March 19th, the company launched production after the completion of the research and development project of "selective emission extremely efficient solar cell".

    In September,50MW, 200MW solar cell production line launched production.

    On December 3rd, the company passed the national safety production standardization level ii enterprise identification.

    On December 8th, the company's R&D center was approved by the provincial R&D center.

  • 2010

    In January,25MW solar cell production line launched production.

    On January 30th, the company introduced 12 venture capital funds, formed a strategic cooperation, raised 42million US dollars of venture capital, to expand the scale of photovoltaic cells to the province's top five of photovoltaic industry .

    On October 14th, the company was reformed into a joint-stock company, and the whole company was changed into Bright Solar Energy Co., LTD.

    On November 5th, the company passed the provincial high-tech enterprise identification.

  • 2008

    On January 24th, Zhejiang Bright Solar Energy Co., LTD was registered and established.

    In December, 25MW solar cell production line was put into operation. Zhejiang Bright Solar Energy Co., LTD project was launched and technology center was inaugurated on 29th.


  • Fairness

    Fairness, integrity and equity are Bright Solar Energy’s commitment to all employees.

    Long place uneven, then people talk, then discuss boiling——Xi Jinping

    “Recommending not to avoid enemy and relative”——Old saying

  • Practicability

    “Empty talk is harmful to a country, pragmatic development can make country powerful and strong.” “One point deployment, nine points implementation” “Carry on the spirit of driving nails”. “Catching the iron has the mark, treading the stone leaving the mark” “We should avoid pursuing what is beyond our reach, saying less and acting more”.

  • Strive

    “Happiness is a struggle”

    “Struggle itself is a kind of happiness”

  • Innovation

    “If you have new ideas every day, you must stay persistent. 

    Not complacent, not slack, continuous self-improvement, pursuit of excellence

social responsibility

Society is a fertile ground for sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. No enterprise can be separated from the development of society; social responsibility is also a bottom line for the development of enterprises themselves.

  • Cooperation

    Create value for customers; follow the principle of fairness and justice both inside and outside and cooperate with suppliers to develop.

  • Green Development

    In the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, we always adhere to green operations.

  • Employee Growth

    The happy work of employees can promote the sustainable development of enterprises. We protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and smooth the channels of career development.

  • Social Harmony

    The sustainable operation of a company comes from society. We adhere to the principles of integrity, safety, production and management, and care for charitable activities.